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Progress & Success

When you’re on a diet there’s always something to measure. Weight, body measurements, clothes sizes, points and syns, calories, macros, steps. When you start IE you don’t do any of that, and it can feel uneasy. So how do you measure progress and success when you don’t have any of those things to measure any more?

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Ego States

Depending on your ego state at any time, your thoughts and behaviours around food may change. In this month’s workshop and workbook we’re going to dig deeper into what an ego state is in relation to food, and how we can understand and begin to change them.

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Body Acceptance

If you’re trying to improve your relationship with food it’s really important that you can make peace with your body. The two go hand in hand.

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Enjoying Christmas

Christmas can be especially stressful if you have struggles around food and body image, and so in this workshop we’re looking at how to enjoy Christmas in a more intuitive and body positive way.

Consider it your very own intuitive eating and body positivity advent calendar! A new piece of motivation, inspiration and guidance for each day of the month.

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Making Peace With Food

In this workshop, we’re exploring what it means to make peace with food, talking about what it can look like when you don’t have that positive relationship with food, and the steps you can take to remove that stress.

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The ‘shoulds’

Where are the ‘shoulds’ and the ‘shouldn’ts’ in your life, and how are they affecting your eating and body confidence?

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