Intuitive Meal Planning

In intuitive eating, we’re supposed to listen to our bodies and listen to what we want to eat at any given time, so that as you become hungry you start to think about what you want to eat, what type of foods you want to eat, what will suit you in that moment. You consider how much you want to eat, and what types of food you want to eat. 

So how can meal planning in advance be possible as an intuitive eater? It sounds counter-intuitive doesn’t it?

We want to be prepared, we want to plan ahead. But how can we do that if we are being encouraged to think at any time what we want to eat?

Part of intuitive eating is being practical about your hunger. It’s about planning for times where you’re not necessarily going to be able to be as intuitive as you’d like to be. 

So this month I’m going to give you some tips, and support you to be able to plan ahead, plan and prep, in a way that doesn’t feel like you’re dieting again.