Progress & Success

When you’re on a diet there’s always something to measure, isn’t there. You measure your weight, your body measurements, the changing of your clothes sizes. You count points and syns, calories, macros, and steps.

When you start intuitive eating you don’t do any of that, and it can feel uneasy to not have those guidelines. You can also feel like there’s nothing to steer you, and nothing to tell you you’re doing a good job of this thing that you’re trying.

So how do you measure progress and success when you don’t have any of those things to measure any more?

In this workshop session we are going to look into that, and find ways for you to recognise how far you’ve come, and where you can see the progress and success that you are having.


You’ll notice there isn’t a workbook for this workshop. No I didn’t forget, there is a reason – this workshop, although it may not feel like it when you first watch, is actually WAY bigger than one workbook. There is so much that you could do for this one that it would end up being hundreds of pages long!

A lot of the areas you will see in this workshop actually have workbooks of their own for you do dive into. I suggest you start by watching the workshop video, and then picking the points that you feel are strong for you, and the areas that are not so strong. For the areas you feel you would like to work on a little more, head off and find similar content in the membership. Watch the content, and then take a look at the workbook for that module, which can then help you to do that work.

Don’t worry if you’ve already watched the other lessons. It can be really beneficial to watch them more than once. As your learning deepens you’ll find the lessons hit differently each time you watch them.