Building Confidence

What is holding you back?

What is stopping you from living your fullest life?

What is stopping you from going to social events, joining in with the family, or even eating out in public?

What is stopping you progressing at work?

We withdraw from so much because of our lack of confidence, and how we’re worried about what other people will think. Let’s tackle that, so that you can live a BETTER life, doing all those things you know that you’d really love to do.

Your affirmations sheet is blank this month, and that’s for a reason. I really want you to create your own affirmations for building confidence. I want you to write them from the heart, write them so that they mean something to you, write them so that they’ll make a difference. As always with the sheets you can fill in, you can fill this in digitally, or you can print it (the text boxes won’t print) and fill it in by hand. Why not pin the sheet up somewhere so that you can see them and repeat them regularly.