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Are you a slave to the bathroom scales, checking your weight most days, scared of what the numbers will be? If it’s a good result you’ll keep going, if it’s a bad result your day is ruined.

Do you feel guilty or fearful around food and live by rules that tell you what you can eat and when you can eat it? You’ve tried every diet in the book right, some several times over, and nothing has really worked in the long term? Or maybe you’re now stuck on that diet for fear of what will happen if you stop.

Do you feel like you’ve lost control around food, and think you can’t trust yourself when you’re around a buffet or cakes in the office?

You really dislike how you look and feel in your body. No matter what you wear or who tells you you look good. No matter how hard you try you just don’t feel happy.

You’d rather cancel an event than struggle to find an outfit you feel good in, or you spend the evening feeling self conscious. It’s so sad, but you don’t know how to make it right.

Food feels like it has just become a nightmare. Life is so difficult when you don’t know what you can eat, how much you can eat, when you can eat. Then when someone throws a spanner in the works and invites you for lunch or buys you a treat your day feels like it’s ruined. “It’s ok, I’ll start again Monday”. How many times have you said that?

If only you could be like your friends and not care about food. If only you could eat what you want without being bothered about a stupid diet. If only you could just stop counting calories or macros, syns or points.

If only there was a way to take all of this away…….

Do something for yourself for a change!
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What’s in the membership?

The Eat From Within System

Created by Terri, the Eat From Within system simplifies intuitive eating and body positivity, giving you an easy way to apply the skills and knowledge to your own life.

Monthly topic

Each month a new subject around eating habits, making peace with food, understanding diet culture, and body confidence. Videos, audio, and written learning (so something there to suit you for sure) and activities to help you work through those food fears and body hang ups. Take your time and dip in at a time to suit you. No deadlines, no pressure.

Group Coaching Sessions

A monthly group coaching session where members can come together and get support from Terri, and from each other. Discussions around the topic for the month, and answering member questions on anything intuitive eating and body positivity based.

Social Community

The Eat From Within chat forum, with private areas dedicated to members only. A safe space for you to chat about topics, share interesting finds, celebrate successes, get support, and be a part of an awesome community where people really understand.

All content access

Access to all Eat From Within content for as long as you are a member. Once you're in the members area you have access to everything that all other members have, including modules that were issued before you joined!

other bonuses

Not only do you get all of the membership content and live group coaching sessions, but you also get discount on payable webinars, courses and events, and a generous affiliate scheme which pays you back in cash for every paying member you introduce.


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Membership plans

Standard Monthly


per Month
Courses included: unlim
  • Monthly recurring Eat From Within membership.
  • The Eat From Within System module - a self guided set of 'lessons' helping you to understand dieting, intuitive eating, body positivity, and how to simplify the principles of intuitive eating into 3 easy steps.
  • Unlimited members' only monthly modules
  • A new learning topic each month
  • Live group coaching sessions
  • Members' only community chat area
  • Access to all historical content, even those released before you joined
  • Affiliate programme
  • Discount on standalone courses, webinars and events chargeable outside of the membership

Monthly Plus


per Month
Courses included: unlim
  Everything in the Standard Monthly membership Plus 1 x 30 minute personal coaching session each month.

Group Only


per Month
  • Recurring monthly Eat From Within membership.
  • Join the live group coaching session held in the last week of each month
  • Audio replays of those coaching sessions
  • The Eat From Within System module - a self guided set of 'lessons' helping you to understand dieting, intuitive eating, body positivity, and how to simplify the principles of intuitive eating into 3 easy steps.
  • Affiliate programme

What people are saying

I'm learning so so much from you and it's helping me a whole lot. Keep doing the work you're doing because it's changing people's lives.
It's been less than a week - I haven’t followed a diet plan of any type and the bingeing is slowing down. The sessions are amazing. I didn’t think anybody could make a difference but you did!!
Finally! I am learning so much from your information and feel like I'm finally getting answers or clarity on so many areas of my 40+ years of food battles.

So what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to have a better relationship with food?
Are you ready to have a better relationship with your body?
Find your food freedom, increase your body confidence, and ditch diets forever.

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