Workbooks and worksheets

For many of the courses and lessons there may be references to ‘your workbook’ or a particular worksheet. This may be the first time you have ever come across them, or you might have used them before in previous courses. Whatever your previous experiences fear not, there’s nothing to worry about. I hope you enjoy using them.

Each workbook is designed to accompany the course or lesson you are working through. It will have questions for you to answer, activities for you to do, and things to think about. They will enable you to dig a little deeper into the information I’m giving you, and see how it applies to your own life.

You will usually see the workbooks and worksheets in the ‘Downloads for this course’ section, but if there are worksheets that relate to specific lessons you might see them as a resource there for you too.

Print yourself a copy of each workbook. Yes, print them. There are studies that show that the brain works through things like this better when you have to put pen to paper.

If you prefer, why not get yourself a nice note book to use instead? Either way, writing is the way forward with this, I promise.

You can work through them when the learning is fresh in your mind, and thoughts will be flying around (a great time to get them down on paper) or you can do it bit by bit through the month as and when you have quiet time to yourself and are in the right headspace for it. Whatever works for you.

Go ahead. Dive in to them. You’re about to learn some stuff about yourself, and that’s exciting!