Introduction to affirmations

Hello! This may be a little bit woowoo, but I love a bit of that, and I hope you do too. As you get to know me you’ll come to know that I believe in the universe, the law of attraction, and manifesting.

At the beginning of each module you’ll see a set of affirmations for the month. They are simply messages of motivation, and they can be really inspiring and helpful along your journey.

You can use the affirmations as you like, but here are a few ideas for you to try, to see what suits you.

  • Save them as your phone and computer wallpaper so that you see them regularly
  • Choose one affirmation for the day and repeat it regularly throughout the day
  • Choose one affirmation for the week and repeat it 5 times each morning as you get up, or 5 times each evening before you go to bed
  • Fold them up and place them in a special jar, then take a ‘lucky dip’ whenever you fancy a boost (you’ll build up quite a collection over time!)
  • Stick the affirmations up in places that will catch your eye. The bathroom mirror, above your desk, on a kitchen cupboard, and in the car, are all great places to have them.

Go ahead. Take them, use them, and start to feel good about yourself.

P.s. don’t worry if you don’t 100% believe the words to start with. I’m here to help you to build that belief in yourself, so that you can say those words loudly and proudly. Just getting started is the main thing.