What do I get as a member?

You’re joining this new look membership in its early days. Please bear with me as I put more and more in for you. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and this is going to be bigger than Rome!! Ok, poor example, but what I’m trying to say is it may take a little time to get it all in place for you, which is why some things will say that they’re coming soon.

How awesome is that though? How many people can say ‘I was there from the beginning’?

Here’s what you’ll get as a Standard Monthly level member….

  • A workshop session to start each month – A live workshop at the beginning of each month, introducing a new topic around improving your eating habits and improving body confidence. There will be video and audio replays for if you can’t make the live session.
    A workbook with activities to go alongside the workshop session, to help you work through those food fears and body hang ups. This is designed to be used after the workshop, so you can do it in your own quiet time.
  • An open topic group coaching session – another session where you can come together with other members, and get support from me, and from each other. We’ll be chatting through the topic for the month, and answering member questions on anything intuitive eating and body positivity based. Can’t make the session? That’s ok. They’re all available on audio replay too.
  • A worksheet or resource – A new worksheet or resource each month, based on intuitive eating and body image work. These will help you to dig a little deeper into your own journey, helping you to understand your body, your thoughts and your feelings.
  • The EFW system mini course – This takes you through the system, giving you an easy way to apply the skills and knowledge to your own life.
  • The Body Respect mini course – an introduction to body appreciation and respect. You don’t have to absolutely love your body, but body respect and appreciation is a must if you’re going to improve your body confidence.
  • The Hunger & Fullness mini course – Hunger & fullness are more than a feeling in the belly. Find out what yours means to you, and how they can help you.
  • Access to all of the Eat From Within membership content, including a members’ only podcast where you can get replays of all group coaching held before you joined.
  • Access to a quarterly session presented by an expert in the world of intuitive eating and body image work. These sessions are chargeable to anyone outside of the Eat From Within membership, but are discounted for Standard Monthly level members.
  • A new set of affirmations each month to help motivate you and remind you how awesome you are.
  • A community chat forum with a private members only area for you to get involved in. I know lots of people expect a Facebook group for this sort of thing, but there are several reasons why I decided against that. Please do use the community – it’s going to be such an invaluable source of support for you as it grows, and I want you to build a circle of friends around you that understand and support you. We’re in this together, right. Why not pop over and introduce yourself now?

And if you’re a Monthly Plus level member you also get….

  • Additional drop in sessions – Need to ask a quick question that’s been bugging you? No problem! Drop in sessions are available each week where you can simply hop on to a Google Meet call (just like Zoom), ask your question and go – no pressure to block time out of your diary and stay for a whole group coaching session.
  • Personal support from me outside of group sessions – It’s like having your very own intuitive eating coach in your back pocket, so if you get stuck between sessions you can always get personal support by Voxer and email.
  • Access to a quarterly session presented by an expert in the world of intuitive eating and body image work. These sessions are chargeable to anyone outside of the Eat From Within membership and Standard Monthly members, but FREE for Monthly Plus level members.

Plus these bonuses…

  • An affiliate program
  • Discount on any personal coaching sessions
  • Discount on any future courses and events

There is a Workshop Only level of membership. If you are on that tier you will have access to the monthly workshop session and the accompanying workbook only.

You are very welcome to upgrade your membership level if you want access to more of the good stuff. Just pop over to your billing page and you can make the change there.