Members only podcast

I love listening to podcasts. I have them on when I’m getting ready in the morning, when I’m in the car, when I’m cooking….. all the time! They are such a great source of information and education.

This is why I wanted a place for all of the audio versions of lessons, workshops and group coaching sessions.

Any session or lesson that is video is also available in audio format for you. Watching the lessons is great, and I do advise that because it’s a more effective way for you to focus and take the information in, but sometimes it’s just easier to listen on the go.

As a Standard Monthly or Monthly Plus member, you get access to a private podcast feed. This is where every audio version released can be found.

You will see all the files that relate to lessons are listed with numbers at the beginning.

The format is ‘Module Number_Section_Lesson’.
So ‘SH_1_2’ would be ‘Start Here Section 1 Lesson 2’.

That should help you to find the right audio for your lesson if you’re having a quick scroll!

Not only can you find your lesson audio there, but all of the group coaching session recordings can be found there too.

In fact, not only are all the current membership recordings going to be there, but you can also listen to all of the group sessions held in the old style membership!

If you are on the Standard Monthly or Monthly Plus membership levels this is included for you. Within the first few days of your membership you will receive an email with your own personal link to the podcast, so that you can add it to your favourite podcast player.