Introducing the membership

Let me give you a very quick whirlwind tour of where the membership has been and where we’re at now.

The original membership was set up in July 2021 – yes, that long ago! It was set up as a weekly group coaching session. We would meet once a week, on a Tuesday evening, and I would present the theme for that week. There would be some coaching, some group discussion, some chat around how this applies to people in real life.

It was incredible. What an amazing group of women they have been, and what fantastic results they have had. I’m blown away by them.

But there were a few things that didn’t quite work.

For example, if you couldn’t make the session that week there wasn’t another one to join instead. Time zones and life just get in the way sometimes!

The recording of the session would be available for members for a week, but then after that it was gone.

There weren’t really any backup activities to do, that sort of thing.

It meant that people just sometimes couldn’t make it work, and I really want the membership to be something that works for you, in your real life.

So, it was time to make some changes, and so I introduced a new format. It was more self guided content, with just the one live group coaching session per month. I had hoped that it would enable people to still consume the content, without being pinned down to a set time each week.

That, of course, came with its own hindrances, and when I took feedback from members it seemed it had gone too far the other way. What I actually needed to do was to find a balance between the live coaching and the self guided content.

So here we are today – EFW v3!

I really hope that it will give you the balance that you need. There are more live coaching opportunities across the month, with a new workshop session introduced, and still some self guided content, that you can do when you have some quiet time, or when you feel physically and mentally in the space to do it.

Hopefully this mix will give you plenty of chances to find a coaching session or two at a time to suit you, so it will fit in around your life, your timetable, your family and any social commitments.

I am always up for hearing what you think about the membership. These changes come from feedback, and I’m always keen to make it a space you want to be in, and that works for YOU! I can only make this space better for you if I know what does or doesn’t work, so if you’ve got any feedback for me please continue to let me know.