You’re going to use the 3 Eat From Within steps every time you want to eat. It might feel like a very manual, conscious thing to have to do, but as you become more experienced at it the thought process becomes quicker and easier, and intuitive and natural.

Eat From Within is all about using that intuitive eating, and eating from what you know within yourself.

As you work through these lessons keep in mind that this is not about restricting, and telling yourself when you should stop. This is about helping you to have real food freedom.

It’s giving you absolute unconditional permission to eat, because your body knows what it needs and will guide you if you listen to it. It’s about figuring out what your body, mind and heart want and need you to eat right now, and then honouring that.

So, each time you eat you will consider each of the three steps. Let’s look at what those steps are.