Introduction to the challenge

This is not your usual mini course – this is a one off challenge to kickstart 2023.

The challenge is made up of 7 days of live sessions, and in each of those sessions I bring you a different aspect of intuitive eating and body positivity, helping you to resist the urge to diet in the new year.

Each lesson gives you:

  1. A video replay of the live session for the day.
  2. The written text for the lesson.
  3. A set of tasks to do once you’ve watched the lesson.

The live session expands on the written text so I highly recommend watching, but you can still benefit from just reading the text.

At the end of each lesson, take a look at the tasks for the day. They will help you to deep dive into how the topic applies to you and your own personal thoughts around food and your body. You can write these in a personal journal, or if you’re happy to why not post your thoughts in the comments for each lesson so that I can see them too?