New Year, F#@k The Diets!


A new year boost for you to help you stay strong against those diets! A live session with me every day for 7 days, designed to overhaul your thinking around dieting and bring new energy to improving your eating habits and body confidence. 

We’ll be covering intuitive eating, body image, confidence, mindfulness, self-care, coping methods, and more.

Every January you jump on a new diet, vowing that this year will be your year. You’ll lose weight, get fit, and be more body confident. 

Every year you so desperately want to make the lifestyle changes that diets promise you – but end up frustrated because in the long run it doesn’t actually work! 

If it did, would you be starting another diet?

New Year 2023 is the year that you break the cycle, do something different, and never diet again. 

This year it really will be YOUR year.