Group Coaching – August 2023


Our monthly open group Q&A session, where members come to ask questions, share experiences, and get support.

Support was top of the list for this session as we came together to support one member who was having a particularly tough time accepting her body as it is at the moment. We talked about:
  • Gastric surgery (briefly, at the beginning, because I hadn’t hit record soon enough!)

  • Pretending to love yourself instead of really loving yourself

  • Physical struggles through weight gain

  • The feeling of wanting to restrict food again, and the potential consequences of that

  • Strengthening your body so that it can be strong and healthy, despite the weight gain

  • Somatic exercise programme

  • Body inclusive exercise classes

  • The goals you think you have when you start IE vs the actual results

  • Stress and the knock on effect to food and body image

  • And an exercise in self love for the group to do!


A jam packed session today for sure!