I’ve got a little something for you lovely people!

If you’re worried about starting to exercise, scared of walking into a gym or a new class, or wondering how you can get moving in a way that is kind to your body and at a level you can be comfortable with, then this is the webinar for you.

Tiff will be talking about the benefits of exercising without a focus on weight loss, how to listen to your body and make movement more intuitive, and what to steer clear of when looking for a body positive space to exercise in.

It’s all about helping you to get some movement in your life and enjoying exercising for yourself, while giving yourself some understanding and kindness to be able to do that.

Come along, meet Tiff, find a new way to exercise, and ask any questions that you may have.

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About Tiff

Tiff is a Personal Trainer based out of her little women’s only gym in Mid Wales. She is passionate about helping people to reframe the way they view exercise. 

Tiff encourages women to move away from diet culture narratives by making it fun. She helps her ladies recognise how good it feels to find their strength, and move away from focusing so much on how their body looks and more on how it feels. 

You’re going to love her! 

You can find Tiff on Instagram at @tiff_elevate

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How to sign up

You can sign up using the registration form below, or if you prefer you can go to my main website at https://terripugh.co.uk/webinar-redefining-exercise/ for all of the details sign up there.

Terri x