Earn money through EFW Affiliates

Exciting times!

I promised you an affiliates programme, and now you’ve got it.

Anyone can earn money through recommending the membership to others.

I’m being super generous too – I’m paying out 20% of all new signups that you introduce. This will be paid out to you, not allocated to your membership.

What does that look like in actual money??

  • For every Workshop Only member you introduce, you’ll receive £2.40
  • For every Standard Monthly member you introduce, you’ll receive £6.00
  • For every Monthly Plus member you introduce, you’ll receive £11.40

And that’s just the memberships. Any one off workshops or courses that are sold through your link, you’ll receive 20% of the purchase price.

That means you’ll only need to refer 5 people to pay for your own membership!! You’ll be getting your membership for FREE just for bringing a few friends in. And, your commission is recurring, so you will get paid each month that they stay.

What do you mean, my link?

You have your own personal referral link. For me to know that you have referred someone, you need to share a link that has a unique code in it. That code tells the system that you have referred them, and to add the amount to your account.

To find your link click on your name (once you’ve logged in!), select ‘Members Account’ from the dropdown, and at the bottom of the page you’ll see ‘Affiliate Report’ under Members Links (you can click here to go straight to it).

On that page you will see a set of links. Share the Homepage link to send your friend to the page with all the information on, and let them join there, or if they already know all about it and just want to choose their membership level you can send them to the Membership Levels link instead.

The choice is yours!

I use 60-day cookie tracking (so if someone visits using your link and signs up 29 days later, you still get credit!).

When do I get the money?

Payments are made in the first week of each month by bank transfer (UK only) or PayPal.

Because I have a 7 day refund period for new members, commission is only paid for each new member after that period has passed, and then each month after that the commission is paid the first week of the calendar month.

More details

There is a section in your Start Here! module that you can always go back to for this. You can find full terms and conditions linked there, and under the policies section too.

Now go get your link and introduce some friends. This is free money I’m offering you here!

Any questions, you know where to find me.

Terri x