The Eat From Within System

The Eat From Within System is going to underpin every module and course that I introduce you to.
This module explains the system so that you have an understanding of it going forward.

Here you’ll learn

  • What the Eat From Within system is, and why it was created.
  • What intuitive eating is.
  • What body image and body positivity is.
  • The 3 steps of the system
  • How to start using the system and apply it to your life.
  • How to fill in the workbooks that are provided, and try out your first one.


What is the Eat From Within system?

An introduction to the Eat From Within system

Workbook – The Eat From Within System

Here is your workbook for this module

Dieting vs Intuitive Eating

Diet culture

We talk about diet culture all the time here, but what is it?

Language around food

What are you saying to yourself about the food you are eating? What are the harmful messages you hear in every day life around you?

Dieting tools

What tools of the dieting trade do you still have in your home?

Health comes from behaviours

There is a common misconception that health and weight are directly linked. What if I told you that that wasn't necessarily true, and that health is actually more often than not the result of our behaviours?

Body positivity

Body positivity

Where the body positivity movement started, where it is now, and how to start being more body positive

Beauty standards

Beauty standards - the unrealistic expectations that are set for us around how we look

Ideal body types

Is there an ideal body type? Let's look at the changes to bodies over the years, and find out where we are now.

The Eat From Within System

Introduction to the system

You’re going to use the 3 Eat From Within steps every time you want to eat, so let's have a look at what it is in more detail

Step 1: Think Body

The first thing to consider - what does your body want?

Step 2: Think Mind

Next, we consider what we need in a more practical sense

Step 3: Think Heart

The third step is to think with your heart and your emotions

Putting it all together

Feels like alot, right? A lot to think about and remember.

But that’s why EFW reduces everything down to 3 steps - to keep it simple when you’re trying to figure out what you need.

So here's a summary of how to bring it all together, nice and easy.

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